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How can I get my daughter involved with Girls Inc. of San Antonio?

Parents and guardians can enroll their girl(s) by visiting our programs page or contacting Sherry Cook, Girls Inc. Program Manager, at 210-298-5862 or email

Also, feel free to come by The Girls Inc. office and staff will be happy to assist you with registration or eligibility concerns.

What makes Girls Inc. unique?  How is it different from other youth organizations?

Girls Inc. meets any challenges girls may encounter by exploring and celebrating their strengths, their voice, who they are today, and who they will become.
Our programs provide the Girls Inc. Experience–equipping girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and inspiring them to grow up healthy, educated and independent.

Girls Inc. of San Antonio is not licensed by the State of Texas as a child care facility, day care center or licensed before-school or after-school program.

Why only girls?

A girls-only environment allows girls to plunge into activities without worrying about whether they “belong” or not.  Gender-specific programming lets girls focus on their interests, at their own pace, free from distractions and comparisons.

Girls Inc. believes that girls deserve an environment that challenges and encourages them to achieve their full potential:

  • Girls deserve environments in which they are taken seriously for who they are, what they do, and how they think and feel.
  • Girls deserve environments that are affirming and inclusive, fostering diversity based on race, social class, ability/disability, sexual orientation, culture, and other variations.
  • Girls deserve opportunities for active involvement with peers in acquiring new information, practicing new skills, and advocating for change.
  • Girls deserve relationships with adults who understand their needs and strengths, challenge them to take positive risks, and maintain high expectations for their achievement.
  • Girls deserve environments, opportunities, and relationships with adults that embody and support their rights.

What are some key programs and activities at Girls Inc. of San Antonio?

  • Activity Camps: award-winning Glenda Woods Girls University summer camp, Girls Inc. STEAM camp, Thanksgiving Camp, and Holiday Camp
  • Girls RockIT Into The Future Science Festival
  • Girls Empowerment Conference
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Quarterly Town hall Presentations, conducted by our Mentors Valuing Peers (MVPs).

Visit our Programs page for more information!

What are the costs of Girls Inc. of San Antonio Programs?

Many of our programs are available at no cost to participants however some of our activities, like our activity camps, are fee-based.  The final cost will vary depending on our sliding-scale fee model which takes our families’ scholarship needs into account and the amount of scholarship funds available (if any).

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes, we offer scholarships that assist with program fees for those who qualify.  Interested parents/guardians must complete a scholarship application and demonstrate economic need in order to be considered.  The final cost will vary depending on our sliding-scale fee model which takes our families’ scholarship needs into account and the amount of scholarship funds available (if any).

What age groups do you serve?

We offer a variety of programs for girls ages 6-18; often our programs are divided into age-groups based on similar developmental needs:

  • 6-8 years old,
  • 9-11 years old
  • 12-14 years old
  • 15-18 years old.

Girls Inc. of San Antonio also offers a unique leadership program for teens 13-18 years old – Mentors Valuing Peers (MVPs).

How can I get involved with Girls Inc. of San Antonio as a donor or sponsor?

To make a donation to Girls Inc. of San Antonio, you can make an online payment HERE.

For more information on becoming one of our supporters, please contact Laura Villarreal, Development & Marketing Manager at 210-298-5863 or email

How can I obtain Girls Inc. programs in my school or community?

We offer a variety of outreach programs that can be tailored to suit any age group and budget.  For more information on bringing Girls Inc. of San Antonio to your school/community, please contact Sherry Cook at 210-298-5862 or email

What are your hours of operation?

Main Office

118 North Medina St.

San Antonio, TX 78207

Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Occasional meetings/events hosted on Saturdays generally run from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Camp operating hours  are weekdays from 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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